Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Nasir Jones, Nas If You're NASTY"-Nas's Latest Video Contribution

I've ALWAYS been a Nas fan! NOT on the Jay-Z level that I am, but I gotta admit...the kid is NICE! My biggest "problem" with Nasir was never his lyrics it was his consistency to put out hits! He never quite found his quote unquote "groove" to when it came to his choice of beats & on track deep thinker vs gangster rap persona. Well that's neither here or there, I came here to talk about the NEW s**t he got out circulating now. Dope on plastic! Oh whatever the hell that they put music on these days! LOL! Cover yo face and listen as the "Godson MC" spits FIRE! I'm hoping this is a comeback story for him!

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