Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Can I Liv?" -Video From the Infamous Jay-Z Throne Celebration In Liv Nightclub Miami

Now I'm pretty sure you've had to hear about this infamous night at some point in time recently. The video posted below is the well documented night in Club Liv (located inside the Fountainbleu Hotel) in Miami, that Jay-Z intentionally set out to smash the record (whatever THAT was) for the most bottles (of Ace of Spades) popped in one singular night! However what was astonishing to me was not that, but the admission price to get IN! Admission for ladies (for ladies folks!) started at $300 a head! And dudes were $500 a pop! And that didn't include valet parking or coat check (LOL)! If you EVER hear me spending THAT much to get in a club best believe that I either had the lottery for a couple mill, I sold this very blog to the highest bidder, OR that bank account I started in 3rd grade FINALLY tracked me down and I collected MAD interest on it! Or simply...I lost my GOD DAMN MIND! From me to even consider it someone better tell me he's perform RIGHT at your table while pouring drinks! Or that comes with an IOU to get a free lap dance in ANY public setting of my choice from Rihanna! Shiiit! Real talk! Oops, sorry NEW slang alert, "Free speech!" Anyways I really posted this cause I dug the camera work on this one. AND to make you understand how BADLY in need a Canon 7D/Mark V in my life right now. It'll step my game up big time so I can correctlt capture "movie" nights like this one. Sigh! Can I Liv?

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