Monday, January 4, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.182)

Instant CLASSIC! I'm scratching my head wondering how the night went by SO fast! "Casino Royale" the Block Association's first ever New Year's Eve event together was one for the books folks! To be honest, going into this one I said to myself "How the fornication are we gonna top Halloween's Monsters Ball?" But by 10:30(!) the place was RAMMED! The coat check line was longing than some Playstation 3 release lines. Think "Dark Knight" on the first weekend LOL. By midnight we were almost at capacity, everyone eyes glued to the nearest TV or "frenchin' " your "soul mate" of the moment.
6...5...4...3...2...POP POP POP POP, goes my mind Levert! It was like a Nascar winners circle in there, with all the champagne being popped off! Time to PARTY ya'll. Btw did I mention that DJ Goldfinger made a guest appearance? So don't bother to asking "Oh how was the music?" He had the top floor jumping so hard, I swore the second floor was gonna get flattened out, pancake style. DJ Kohey, the Ahficionados, (B'day boy) DJ Will Gates and the Mighty Mighty Soundproof crew blew out whatever hearing you might of had left from all the "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" screaming going on. On another note, the crowd, can I mention really quick how dapper, and glamorous EVERYONE looked?!? Ri-dic! Well I'm not gonna gush too much more about it, you just had oughta came. Now I need you to just look at the pictures below and get overwhelmed with SO much jealousy that you'll promise yourself that you'll NEVER miss another BlocK Association event EVER...In LIFE!!!

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