Friday, January 22, 2010

"It's A Saturday, It's A Sa-tur-day!" -Satuday Happens You Oughta Know

The good people over at Coup D'Etat BK Art collective would like me to inform you artist & art lovers alike that THIS Saturday it's a BIG social gathering happening that you NEED to attend. Here's more info:

"Artist Talk" -"Live To Change Something Through Art"

Saturday, January 23rd,
2pm - 4pm.
@ The Skylight Gallery
Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
1368 Fulton St, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Moderator: Malik Yoba

Potential Panelist:
Alice Mizrachi
Alzo Slade
Stephanie Land
Suncadm Bey
Bilal Oliver (Music Artist)
Dahkil Hausif (sunshowah films)
Suzanna Ali-Oliver(Vony)
Rueben King

Overview of the Discussion:
This discussion panel will focus on the artists featured in the exhibition, who are all Brooklyn based, and art organizations that promote artistic development of the community, as we will attempt to go deeper into the theme of the exhibition and explore the artists' creative process. The purpose of the panel is to discuss how artists can use their creative talents to inspire change: socially, politically, community, and personally. What effect does art have on the community? Why should we encourage art in the public school systems and in the inner-city?

About the “Live to Change Something Through Art” Exhibit: features work that is reflective of the current Brooklyn arts movement and underscores Coup d’etat’s thought-provoking brand principle, “Live to Change Something.” Highlighting a multicultural collective of artists across several disciplines, the exhibition encompasses painting, photography, and sculpture.

Then later on that night get your party on with the "GODS of WAX" @ this monthly all vinyl spun thrown down!

"I Love Vinyl" -A monthly all-vinyl oasis
presented Wax Poetics, Halcyon, and Fusicology

@Le Poisson Rogue - 158 Bleeker St
$5 admission
$5 well drinks b4 11pm

the Dream team:
-scribe (raw fusion)
-anthony khan the twilite tone (the tallest building)
-jon oliver (the main ingredient, evr)
-op! (suite 903/raw fusion)
-amir abdullah (kon&amir/wax poetics/bbe)
-ge-ology (female fun)

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