Friday, January 8, 2010

"Lost & Found" -Forgotten Flicks Never Posted

Not only did I forget this WHOLE night, I forgot to even post the pics up from this Henny event some months ago at Terminal 5 hosted by Common & the Roots. This was a weird night for me, solely based on the fact that one, I headed up to the event for dolo, got inside within 5 mins. of arriving despite the massive "around the corner, down the block" line outside. AND got V.I.P. arm band access without even tryin'...SWEET! I'm not sure of the reason behind Hennessy Black throwing the function, but the turnout was NUTTY! Good thing the venue was spacious, cause damn near ALL of NYC was up in that bitch! For a while when I first got there, I stood along the entrance hallway hoping to spot a familiar face before it got too too thick in there. A young lady standing close to me struck up conversation bugging on how OVER dressed some folks came out that night. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! Are they handing out some award I don't know about? This IS general population , standing room only, you DO know that right? Hey go head, do you lil' mama!" They MUST not get out that often, was the agreed upon consensus between us. (SMH) Now here's where things get fuzzy. Remember this is a HENNY party and drinks were FREE okay. So need I have to explain how "Swizzle stick" twisted I got. Drunk one drink, then that drink got lonely and wanted company so I HAD to drink another, then before you know it...GONE till November! Loss my mind, my sunglasses, and a wee bit of dignity all in one swoop. Enjoy what I missed sober.

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