Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.184)

Now let me state straight off the back that I DON'T go out HALF as much as I used to. Not that the "thrill" is gone it's just that I'm on some "What is it to be thrill about?" mood right now. But Sunday night curiosity got the better of me. After hearing SO much about Pink Elephant on Sunday nights, I thought it was about time to pay that spot a visit. Especially being that one, I was walking in with fellow Block Association member DJ Trauma (Alador & Smith/Soundproof), and two there was NO work on Monday. What better reasons right? After Traum' played his opening set, we took an "observation booth" seat and watched how fast the room filled up. about 85 percent of the room were women, and rest were cats I wouldn't leave an open wallet around. LOL. By (I wanna say) 11:30ish, It was almost filled to capacity! Team players Silky, and L.A. (Lyshaan Hall) came out to join in on the tomfoolery going on that night, and the rest I really can't recall to save my life. But here's what my camera managed to capture. FYI didn't realize Rick Ross & Diddy were there till I checked my camera...WASTED!

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