Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"What The Smurf Is This?!?" -Avatar Movie Review

FINALLY after hearing SO MUCH praise from friends & associates alike, I finally took the time out (3 hours!) to see this world-wide phenom of a movie called Avatar! Naively thinking "Oh it's a Tuesday, the middle of the day, the lines SHOULD have died down by now right?" NOPE! Reality proved me so wrong. Got tix to the 3D Imax theater, which is the only way I was told that I could get the FULL experience of what the film had to offer. Gotta say really quick, the 3D glasses that they now hand out, are WAY cooler than the ones of years past. Everyone looked like Kanye at (name any) awards show. I was dying for someone to run up in front of the screen and go "Yo dawg, this movie is fly and all that, but Titanic is the greatest movie of ALL TIME! I'm just sayin' !" LOL. Ok now on to the movie. Imagine if the Blue Man Group or the Smurfs had their OWN planet, but were 9ft tall w/ tails! That will give you a good start of how the Na'vi (the planet Pandora's native folk) came across to me. Now take Star Wars and remix it with a lil' Jurassic Park and the NY Aquarium and BOOM! You'll have a ball park idea of what Pandora looks like. Okay now, take Garagmel give him a Robocop suit & an army of "Azrials" and you'll have your villian Colonal Miles the meanest S.O.B. Marine ever to wear a uniform. Lastly take the story of how England, Spain, America, etc. raped the land of (name any) indigenous peoples land solely for profit and BINGO! There's your movie folks! Now don't get me wrong, it was well worth the money to see it. But don't go into the "dark" theater hoping to see the "light." Well at least story wise. However YOU ARE spending the money to be apart of HISTORY! YES, I said it... history! For 3 whole hrs you are watching "the future." The future of what movie's (even TV's) direction will shortly move towards. And now due to the overwhelming success of the film, TRUST ME more stuff like this is sure to come. The plot wasn't state of the art but the movie surely was! I'll give it 3 1/2 M's out of 4

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