Monday, January 11, 2010

"Brooklyn's On Strike!!!" -Brooklyn Bowl Is Far From Being Gutter

Now I know how Chris Nolan felt after "Dark Knight" became a hit. Since New Year's Eve ("Casino Royale") folks are already asking "What's next?" from the BlocK Association. Well one strong idea being tossed around is a HUMONGOUS bowling party complete with DJ's and a live concert to boot! Yeah, I know your next question is "Where is that gonna go down Brooklyn?" Great question. The answer to that would (and can only be) Brooklyn Bowl located in Willyburg, right around the corner from Beacon's Closet & Brooklyn Brewery. Just when folks thought bowling alleys in NYC are going the way of the dinosaur, up pops this gem of a spot laced with a performance stage, large bar area, and wall to wall 40'' flat screen tvs. Plus they serve food! Friday night some friends & I made a spontaneous decision to all head over there to socialize and bowl off some steam. Only to be told that the wait time would be (NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT even 3, but...) 4 freakin' hours. So we only chilled and ate waiting till the rest of our party arrived. 2 1/2 hrs passed with no luck of an open lane so "plan B" was head over to play pool at Ocean's 8 (Flatbush & 7th). Long story short, we're planning to book a "private" party over at Brooklyn Bowl (possibly for Black History Month) and we would love for you to join us. Here some flicks I took to get you hype!

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Lex Getit said...

Looks SWANKY, Zo! LexGetit is IN!

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