Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The OTHER Big Apple!" -Steve's Job Is To Make You Broke!

Are you as restless as I'am? By this time tomorrow Steve Jobs will be announcing the device that will all but make a latte for you (I joke but, trust me even THAT may be coming next, f@#k around)! LOL! His next "must have" item (maybe titled the iTablet or iSlate) However this one is a bigger risk only because if you ALREADY own a Mac Airbook or the iPhone/ iTouch then just WHERE does this fit in? Speaking of fit, it's not as "portable" as say the other "iProducts" out may be, so throwing it in your pocket could be out of the question. I thinking it'll be a "super-sized" iTouch like gadget w/ Wifi capability, downloadable apps, itunes, and a couple of other bells and whistles thrown in we couldn't think of. I also thinking either two size versions will come out, one size bigger than the other OR one w/more memory. Watch later down the line (like in say 6 months tops) the 2nd generation "iTablet" (not sure that's the name just yet) will drop with a cheaper price and a camera added so you can Skype on the fly. I think they're going to go head to head with the notebook laptop market and those damn e-book devices that are selling like hot biscuits. Smart move if that's the case.

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