Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"What's Good...Holmes!" -Shelock Holmes Review

Over the holidays, it seemed like a million movies were released around the same time. The ONLY two that even peaked my interest (at least enough to see in the theaters) was hyped up Avatar (NO, I didn't see it yet) and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes movie. Trust me I DO wanna see Avatar, but 2 hrs. standing in line for a 3 hr. movie...that can wait! So being that I've seen damn near EVERY Ritchie film, what should this be the exception? First off you notice is that mostly all of Guy's directorial quirks aren't so apparent in this one. Holmes takes on a different tone & (more polished) look than his previous films. The pace is quicker too, as the action comes on screen once the credits past. Thought the plot isn't as head scratching as say Usual Suspects, the set up still has you curious to what the bigger scheme of things to come are. All of the dry Brit humor & dialogue unique to that country are intact as well. Downey & Law casted as both Holmes & Watson destroys the stereotypes of the good old detective we've grown up to know. The film does a great job of setting up the relationship between the two as co-dependents of one another, a "bro-mance" if you will. Okay enough that stuff! Let me tell you my friend, the wardrobe dept. BETTER get an Oscar next year for this! I stood up and applauded afterwards, because each characters attire got MORE bananas the next scene. I GOTTA get this on Blu-Ray (not bootleg) DVD when it comes out, so I can study EVERY single detail. Awesomeness I tell you! All in all the movie was cool, you can definitely tell that it's a set up for 3 (maybe 4) more movies like this reveling a big plot and eviler villains. And if so, trust that I'll be glued to my seat, popcorn in one hand, pad in the other writing out all the wardrobe details I can get. LOL! I 3 out of 4 M's

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