Friday, January 22, 2010

"Jet Green" -Jets Looking To Ride The Colts To Super Bowl!

30 yrs? Really? 30? That's how long it's been since the Jets have come even THIS close to seeing some kinda chance at even being mentioned in the same sentence as the words "Super Bowl" LOL. One last game to go against the bucking Indy Colts and we'll be Jet Blue'n to Miami to catch Jet green try to bring home a championship ring home for NYC. Just imagine, first the Yankees last year winning the World Series, then the freakin' Jets pulling this OFF? Wowzers! One thing's for sure, we'll be hearing Jay-z's "Empire State of Mind" ALOT more when that goes down! Either way NO matter WHO's going to the big Bowl, we'll be hosting a HUGE Super Bowl shindig @ "the Sky box" (2 flr. of No.1 Front St. lounge) that's FREE and always brings out the best fans & non-fans to watch the game in unity & fun. More Details below:

"My Uber Super Bowl Party"

the SKYBOX -No. #1 Front St. (near Old Fulton St)
6pm KICK-OFF time
2nd flr. & 3rd Flr.
FREE Admission
Music by the Ahficionados, & DJ Trauma /Soundproof
Pre-game special / Half price beers (4pm-6pm)

"the Huddle" pacakage:
$100 For a "team" of 4 comes w/ table seating, 4 comp kick-off shots, 8 beers & an appetizer platter mix (chicken fingers, calamari, & wings)

"the Coach & QB" package:
$50 for a "team" of two w/seating, 2 comp shots, 4 beers, and an appetizer platter mix (chicken fingers, calamari, & wings)

Fav team colored shots

BTW fellas, NO jerseys unless you're PLAYING for that team...LOL!

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