Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Ft. Greene With Envy!" -Pics From Pt. 2 Of The Ft. Greene Fest Kick -Off Party

I KNOW you heard, read, attended, or couldn't get in to one of the HOTTEST (YES, both in buzz and f**kin temperature!) parties in Brooklyn this year! If you've been living in a window less mansion like Bin Laden, the party I'm talking about is the follow up event to the first Ft. Greene Fest kick-off event featuring Rich Medina & Ali Shaheed. This second one came even HARDER w/ Q-tip & Pete Rock turning the tables. Givin' cats pure HEAT (And speaking of the heat it was like one huge yoga class in that b**ch mannn! Why I'm mentioning this is cause I gotta say this was THEE most difficult parties I've EVER shot. Cause the damn lens would fog up like a fall night in London, making everything look like a person on a ruthie! I wasn't gonna post anything from that event but I WAS able to pull some quality pics from the rubble, though few. Anyways here they are, and FYI the actual Ft. Greene Fest is JUNE 25TH in Ft. Greene Park 12 noon-10pm (whew!) With an HISTORIC after party! Trust...

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