Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Sounds So Beautiful, Don't You Agree?" - (Ear) Candy Girl Magdelana Spins The Wheels

Man for someone I've NEVER seen with a hat, Magdelena (Kelly) sure does where ALOT of them! In the time I've known her she's been a bartender, hairstylist, dancer, and now DJ!?! Yeah I'm sure you've seen her all dolled up standing behind a set of turn tables at the Vodou lounge (newly opened in Bed-Stuy) some Sundays opening up for the Ahficionados or another local spot. And for someone that's new to the spin game...she's aiiight! Anyways, I was commissioned to shoot her with her vamped new image for some business cards and such she wanted to put into motion. A "re-branding" of sorts. Here's the good ones we fished through that made the editing cut. If you KNOW her, I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing these and MORE of Facebook soon. LOL. For DJ bookings, see me, I need my managers cut off the top!

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