Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Kung Fu*king AWESOME!"- Kung Fu Panda 2 Review

OK I see you Dreamworks! Now that Shrek's run is done, it's time for the year of the panda huh? They know what they're doing too, cause Kung Fu Panda 2 packs a punch! Who says sequels can't be better than the first obviously hasn't seen this movie yet. Though I didn't think the humor was as good as the first, the kick-ass action fills in the void. What I dug about 2 was that they didn't fast forward and make Po seem like he mastered the art of Kung Fu overnight after the first installment. In this he's still in the learning process, and not yet fully respected by any of this peers. They only agree to his involvement out of respect for Master Shifu appointing Po as the "Dragon Warrior." 2 is set up as a prequel style movie of how Po questions how did he become the son of a goose noodle chef, which never seem to dawn on him. So "family" (or a sense of) is a heavy theme throughout the whole film even with the story line following the main villain. Which is a menacing peacock(?) named Lord Shen, skillfully voiced by (one of my favorite actors of all-time) Gary Oldman. What highly impressed me about this one was the sheer SIZE of the film! Dreamworks packed ALOT of stuff in this movie man! The Kung Fu sequences, the character details, the enormous city layouts, the lighting, the attention to being faithfully to that time period...ALOT! I even thought that the flashback/memory animation was BETTER than most of these films out now! The ONLY thing critical I can even fix my mouth to say is that most of the humor was centered around Po's center...his weight. But that's me nit-picking and being petty. FYI I saw it in 2D, but I'm betting this kicks ass in 3D even more. I give it 5 out of 5 M's. Don't "Fu" around and miss this film.

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