Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"No Court For Ol' Men!" -The Block Asssiociation's Basketball CHALLENGE!

Heads up: If you ever drive by that park over by the BQE right off of Atlantic Ave. & Columbia St. on a Sunday, and you happen to peep some mid-to late thirty something guys trying to re-capture their youthful "hoop dreams" Then yeah, THAT would be this crew of misplace African Americans in an all white neighbor taking over that community parks' half court. At first I thought it was to raise awareness of adulthood obesity, but the TRUE story was that cats was talking trash started by Keith "I pick things up & put them down" Major and Lyshaan "I'm 10 mins. away but REALLY am 1 1/2 hrs" Hall after the NBA Finals upset, and challenged each other to a "friendly" game of round ball. Everyone else got dragged into it. So since I never dribbled besides in my sleep, I took pics and made a quick video of the kids doing what we do best, making a fool of each other! LOL

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