Friday, June 10, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.254)

THANK GOD (or who ever controls the weather up there) that Monday was a dry night! Why? Cause I got specially invited to host a table at the on going Influence Series (3.0) held at the Yard, which is the outdoor space connected to the SoHo Grand Hotel. And it would've been a definite downer if it had gotten rained out...but it did NOT! So of course I made the best of the great forecast and got fresh head to toe and invited the team (the Block Association) to help me pop thangs off & "get right." Now listen, I've been to that location before, so walking in I KNEW it would be a good look off the cuff! Then for toppers, it was a night of rum tasting (Brugal) and cigar puffing added into the mix...can we still say #WINNING! DJ CEO strategically posted up our table behind his set, who BTW bodied the music w/ a ten min assist from "Grey Era Frei" that night. Brilliant move young man, & wise decision. Cause it got "Poppy Von Poppington" before the sun even set over in our section! Cats were "cheesing" SO much by the end of the night, that you could've put our faces on a cracker, and served it as hor o'dourves! LOL! The common sentiment among everyone involved was "We GOTTA do this again man!" So again a huge THANK YOU goes out to Michael Mancini & DJ CEO on behalf of "the Block boys" & myself (the Minority Report) for the invitation, and the opportunity to make this night even happen. It's a beautiful thing. Now scroll down and get jelly at all that you missed. Oh yeah, there video footage too, case you ain't believe a ni**a's story!


Anonymous said...

You have really outdone yourself with these pics. You FINALLY have some serious male eye candy. Good Grief!!! The guy with the salt& pepper beard....The dude in the red shirt...lawd have mercy.

Please, PLEASE have more posts like this. I like that you now include video. Nice additon.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

THANK YOU! I continue to improve on a daily basis to meet your approval just HELP spread the gospel of the Minority Report! FYI guys act WORST than chicks in regards to taking photos BUT the tide is slowly changing.

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