Monday, June 6, 2011

"We On To The X!" -X-Men First Class Reveiw

I haven't wrote a review in a minute huh? If I recall the last one was Hanna a while ago right? It's not like I haven't seen any new movies out (well ONE, that being Thor) I just wasn't inspired to review it that's all. But this one HERE is a totally different flex man. First off going in it was seen as the underdog of all the superhero based movies coming out, based on the past X-man failed adaptions and the hot mess of a movie Wolverine. So it's understandable why. And secondly, the trailer does no justice to the deeply involved story line this movie offers. Anyway long story short, this movie's first act of heroism was to SAVE the X-men franchise from ruin! To me it was like James Bond meets Inglorious Bastards meets Episode III :Revenge of the Sith and a lil' Austin Powers thrown in for good measure. It was word going around town that a Origins: Magneto movie was in the works, well this basically WAS that! Just that it was balanced with the start of the X-men thrown in. I followed the X-men heavy in the 80's, John Bryne era and even though the film changes stuff up for hard core fans to be mad at. You'll get over it once you admit this version is pretty damn good. Why such high praise? Well for me it answered so much stuff I never even thought to ask about the history of these misfit heroes. The Mansion/School concept, the Prof. X/Magneto former BFF relationship, the suit design, the Blackbird Jet...just ALOT of stuff dawg. There was even room for a surprise cameo of the most famous X-Men of all thrown in the mix too. Man, this Matthew Vaughn director should've BEEN on board for the past X-films! I'll admit that I clapped at the last 2o mins. of this films climactic Mexican stand-off between mutants vs mutants vs Americans vs Russians vs mutants...pure DOPENESS! 4 out of 5 M's as in mutants for this one! X marks the spot!

Peep these alternate (IE cooler) movie posters.


Frank Crowe said...

I saw this movie this past weekend - it totally has saved the franchise from an over saturation of characters. What makes this movie work is that the core group of mutants is kept small, as opposed to the orgy of mutants that we get tossed at us in the original trilogy.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Agreed! You care more about the characters when your able to connect

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