Monday, June 13, 2011

"Let's Connect, Politic, Ditto" -Artful Dodger Meetings Gone Wild!

Amongst the Block Association members I've been dubbed the code name "Danny Ocean" based on the character of the same name, from Ocean's (pick a number 11,12,13) films, because I orchestrated bringing everyone in the Block together. However it doesn't stop there. About a year ago, an old school mate of mine bear witness to the Rock & Bowl event headliners Game Rebellion's power, and wanted to enlist them for the revisionary launch of Jay-Z's newly acquired clothing brand Artful Dodger's revamping. So BONG! I helped make that fruitful relationship happen & a win win for both parties. OK, so fast forward a year to the day later, and I'm BACK at the same office making it happen AGAIN for the talented duo Navegante & producer Rich Younglord to team up w/ A.D. as successful as the Game deal went! Crazy right? Well anyways here are pics from BOTH monumental meets that you can get an exclusive idea who's involved. Plus I added some shots from the Artful Dodger in office/concert party/ Ustream sessions that go down on Fridays.

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