Friday, June 24, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.256)

Okay folks, listen to THIS story! So the other day I get an anonymous text (never saved the name I think) from someone requesting my availability to shoot for a private b'day dinner that a female friend of said texter was having. I replied back "Sounds like an plan, and HOW much $!" not thinking of asking "Ummm, who is this exactly?" So the date comes up, and this time I get a phone call from the same person, calling to confirm if I was still up for taking photos. And even then though the voice sounded familiar, I was too embarrassed to revel that I didn't know WHO the f**k I was speaking too! LOL! But however what peaked my interest (besides the $) was that they mention that the location to show up was a pawn shop in front that had a door in back reveling a high end restaurant behind that door. WHAAAAT!?! Fast forward now, while hanging out w/ my Block (Association) brothers DJ Trauma, Lyshaan Hall, and songtress Malene Younglao, I mentioned that I HAVE to stop by this spot to fulfill a photo obligation and that they could tag along, not know WTF I was walking into. We get there, then I realized...I have NO clue WHO THE HELL am I supposed to be looking for! Texted the anonymous dude back to get a name and then proceeded to flag a waiter down for help finding them. So long story short, what you see below is the who, what, & where, we all end up at. Along with the WHY? Happy B'day Lande! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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