Friday, June 3, 2011

"Start It Up! Vroom Vroom!" -A Video Salute To The Start Of Summer

"Been around the world and I I I!" Man being a socialite, ESPECIALLY in Brooklyn, is HARD dawg! I often forget all I've been invited too and attended in a week. Thank goodness for my trusty Canon T2I cause now I can capture all that I see and share it. Besides, a brother gettin' old man! This often helps to jar my memory just looking back at the footage. However now to keep thangs entertaining, I use an old favorite jam of mine to use as the soundtrack to the mayham. Enjoy folks, you & I are not getting an younger. So here's a quick montage of just within the last two weeks of stuff I've attended.

Camera Canon T2I
Lens Sigma 30mm 1:1.4
Song- "Awards Tour" -A Tribe Called Quest

All footage shoot live @:
Gary Grants B'day party
Ft. Greene Festival Kick-off feat. Q-Tip & Pete Rock
DJ Hard Hittin' Harry Global Jam Session
Reese Samuel's House Party
Fresh Daily's Stoop Party
Tahoe's BBQ
Vodou Lounge Sunday's
CeCe's Jumpsuit Jump-off B'day

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