Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Turn The Lights ON!"-Kanye, Rihanna, Cudi, & Hype Walk Into A Bar...

Let it be know that I am NOT, I repeat NOT a "hater!" LOVE Hype on the visuals! LOVE Kanye on the music tip! But MAN I'm I disappoint on their latest collabo dude! The intro had my mildly interested, but when the video turns into a Flash ad for computer fonts I checked out mentally son. Like on some "get my hat and coat outta coat check" type gone! But hey that's JUST me. I'll play fair and still post it even though it not up to snuff with their previous hotness of videos past. P.S. Rihanna put a damn shirt on! There's kids in the video girl! You gon catch a nasty chest cold! Again, NO hater I'm I (Prez. Nixon voice)!

Looks like Hype Williams may have a court date coming up cause it looks like some creative ideas were jacked from Gaspar Noe's video "Enter the Void" see for yourself below!

These dudes better "lawyer up" man! Or it's LIGHTS OUT fo' real!

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