Monday, February 14, 2011

"All Access Pass" -Feat. Navegante @ Santos Party House

First off let me start off but apologizing for not stressing that fact that you guys NEEDED to be present at this event! I was personally invited to take some candid "behind the music" shots and do an interview on the Electro-Funk sensation group Navegante' and BOY am I glad I jumped at the opportunity! For two reasons, one I'm a HUGE fan of live shows especially if the band(s) performing are masters of their craft, and have developed both a stage presence and rapport with their audience. Secondly, as you know DAMN well I'm dead serious about my camera game! So this was the PERFECT op to flex my "artistic muscle" and give my T2I a good work out. On this particular night I showed up to Santos early and was greeted by the lead vocalist (Jean Shepard) who was both stressed and excited at the same time. Basically because the day wasn't going as planned however he had news that his wife maybe getting her own reality cooking show (!) so his mood was understandable. "Wash" (short for Washington Duke) arrived soon after due to a earlier "towing related incident", but was already in work mode. YES, life as a rock star isn't all limos and groupies folks! Anyways here's some top to bottom flicks from set up to show I shot of them doing their THANG! DAMN, I'm mad that you missed this, the show was pure AWESOMNESS! The music, the light show, the energy in the room...I gotta catch another SOON! And YOU better go this time! You've been warned! S/O* to Chelsea Dwinell (aka C.Diddy/DJ James Blonde of Ultraviolet) for setting this in motion, and to Sound Wavve for the dope musical prelude before the show kicked off. Different ish folks!


Sheila said...

Great photos!! You're is the Navegante guys..they truly rocked Santos!!! Thanks for posting ;)

Jav said...

Great photos! Great show, as usual Navegante, Illspokin, Rebel Ship.

Luly said...

Awesome show, great photos!! and Navengante was on fire that night.
You are right sorry for those who missed it.


MeccaGodZilla said...

I finally caught up! very nice photos! peace MeccaGodZilla

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