Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Love For Retail" -Glimpses Of Genuis Moments Featuring Bilal

So last week now only did I go to see Little Dragon I also popped into the Highline Ballroom on a last min decision to catch a gig Bilal was headlining (hey sue me, I love live shows man!) over there. I been a fan of this cat since day one! And an even BIGGER fan since the "Love for Sale" project leaked, so seeing him live for me is a NO BRAINER, even though he tends to be inconsistent with his performances. No doubt the brother can SANG but, at times the structure of his sets are a lil'... Eh? Breaks in songs are aiight but the flow into the next was like WTF! Well anyways, Highline makes a HUGE deal about no photos or recording of any sort so SORRY I don't have any pictures for you guys this time around. But I DID find these interesting clips on line featuring Bilal that I'd like to share. Enjoy!

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