Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Little Dragon, Big Fire!" -Bowery Show Review

MAN! How the hell could i forget to tell you guys about the Little Dragon show I caught down at the Bowery Ballroom last Monday? Guessing age is the culprit, but good thing I remembered cause I got a few flicks to share. My boy Theophilus London opened up for them (which btw I missed, but still got the op to high five 'em and wish him continued success once he got off stage (pause...no groupie). Lights came on after his set, and I got the chance to see folks that heard and read about the show through my blog. DOPE! Glanced around the room and couldn't help but to think "If hipsters had a Heaven!" the ballroom looked like the WAITING room! LOL. But it was all good "HEY!" What did I REALLY expect huh? It's London AND Dragon on the SAME bill dude! Anyway long story short Little Dragon ROCKED! Yukimi Nagano, the lead vocalist does this weird (but bunny style cute) "Charlie Brown" style dance around the stage from time to time but that's just me being picky, no hate whatsoever. Final word, you GOTTA catch these folks next time they come to town guys...Awesomeness!

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