Friday, February 11, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.242)

What can I say but "WOW!" Last Sunday (Feb. 6th) one of my top fav Block Association (along w/ Detailed Events NYC) events, "My Uber Sunday Superbowl Party (Pt.2)" was where ALL of the cool kids of Brooklyn were hang out at! No lie, it had to been like at least 250+ in the building by half-time! And speaking of half-time, did you get to peep the live performance by the Grand Army Players VS Soundproof Intl.! THAT was history made right there folks. Good thing that was planned too, cause I was hearing that the Black Eye Peas stunk the joint up something awful! This year was WAY bigger then last by far! Cause first off the top all three floors were SOLD OUT table wise. Then on damn near every table was a bottle of either Coconut Ciroc, Rosay, or Grey Goose. So you know once the actual game was over folks were NIIIICE! And the after party kicked off ASAP! Even I (who barely drinks) was doing my best "Charlie Sheen" impression that night...WHITE BOY WASTED! I STILL don't know who won! Any ways here are a few flicks I managed to click before I got loose off that Goose. LOL. Oh yeah, and the video is a clip for half-time rehearsals at UltraViolet too.

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