Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Beauty Is Not Only Skin Deep It's Deep Skin!" -Get Yo' Vote On And Support A Sista

Okay here's the deal folks! My homegirl (Shana Green/"Sha Greenie") for years now has been grinding for two years plus on getting her very own hair/body line of products out there and put her personal stamp on the hair care industry. The "Forever Loving You" line caters to women (sorry fellas, not you just yet) boasts to not only rebuild your roots but your SELF-CONFIDENCE as well! And Lord knows some of theses women in today's times NEED a long awaited product like that. As a matter of fact, I know a couple of girls that from pre-sales alone Shana's company will be on Forbes list by year end in NO time! LOL. Here's the deets; The products have non-hazardous, natural ingredients such as exotic oils, butters and extracts. And through sells she plans to donate some proceeds to various charitable causes. Now all you folks NEED to do now to help her complete her dreams is vote as many times as you would like by refreshing the screen and pressing the (thumbs up) “like” button or visiting the video page on several other days. Voting takes place February 23 - March 10. The winner will have the opportunity to launch a capsule line, all expenses paid. The winner will be featured in Ebony magazine. My name is the Minority Reporter and I approve this message. Now VOTE x3!

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