Monday, February 21, 2011

"Prop It Like It's HOT!" -Sixteen Candles...And Then Some

WHOA! Wait...Hold up! Please do NOT tell me you haven't been to the Emerson yet! You either NEED to get yo brain checked, our yo ASS kicked! Or BOTH! I can't for the life of me understand what GOOD reason you would have, but THIS Saturday NO excuses son! Why? Cause co-owner/manager Regina (yeah, bet you didn't know that was her real name huh?) Jankowski will be packing all her peeps under one roof to celebrate her umpteenth something birthday! I won't revel her age but let's just say I wouldn't be shocked if the sprinkler system went off due to all the cake candles! Lmao! No but seriously, she'd looovve to see you in the building, be it new friend or old bar crawling buddy. Real rap. Anyways, here's her HDTV flat screen debut that you may have missed during SNL last week. When you see her "give her her props" okay? B'day info below in her words (copy & paste style). I'm too lazy to write it out.

Gina says- "Please join me on this very special evening in celebration of my Birthday and in honor of all those who have helped and continue to do so in the success of The Emerson. This night will be documented in a very exciting and experimental way. "I Give You Props" means that I will literally be giving you props for a photo booth style shoot that all attendees are welcome to take fun in. There will be a professional set up with camera and lights and when you enter the scene you may choose from any of the props available. There will be a remote controlled by YOU (those responsible enough) to create and take a fun photo in groups or pairs. There will be a limited time and ALL Props must be returned before leaving the scene (lets make it fun for everyone). This night will also be video documented professionally for a promotional advertisement for The Emerson. The video shoot will take place from midnight to 1am so lights will be up at this time. Don't be scared about lights being up, we really want to see how much fun you are having. There will be drink and shot specials at this time as well. Lights go back down at 1am. After the Event, Photos will be available online for viewing or to order for print if you wish. Let's have fun! Let's celebrate! Let's dance!"

"I Give You Props" -Gina's B'day Bonanza
The EMERSON. 561 Myrtle Avenue betwn. Classon & Emerson
Free Admission
Photography and Video by Dreamclay Pictures (
Music by awesome DJ's from Dope Jams
Both gifts & cards w/$ placed inside are acceptable

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