Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Singing In The Right Key!" -On Another Note Featuring Kario Key

Man I how this universe works! Peep how while surfing the internet for inspiration my boy music producer Rich Younglord comes across this Indie/Electro Pop duo on Youtube that strikes a cord in him musically, and he decides "I GOTTA f**k with these cats!" and reaches out to directly to contact them to work with him! They holla back at him in like a day's time and the three hit it off after a few brief convos. Rewind really quick back for a sec. YL hips me to them like "Yo kid, what you think about this group? I'm in love w/ shorty's voice!" and sends me a link to hear some of their stuff. I hear "Runaway" and is instantly BLOWN AWAY! KABOOM! Now I'M all hyped like "YO! I'm FEELIN' this! Yeah man NO question! Rock with these guys!" His reply? "I've ALREADY contacted them!" And exactly WHO are they you're asking? They are Electo Pop duo Kario Key, formed by Berklee College students Lorely Rodriguez ("the Voice" pictured below) & Aaron Kleinstub ("the Sound" not pictured) broadcast their new/ sound collabo live from Boston to the world via Soundcloud and Myspace (remember that?) directly to their grassroots grown fan base. To describe their sound would be to say that it's current yet futuristic at the same time. While her voice and lyrics are timeless! I always anxious to hear what NEXT to come from them...then the NEXT one after that! Can't wait to meet these guys face to face. Well enough flapping my yap, there's some tunes I posted below that I thought best captured their next level sound. Enjoy and spread it! Oh damn almost forgot! Here's there Facebook page here & they're Myspace too here. And of course their Twitter account @Kariokeymusic

"RUNAWAY" -Kario Key

"BEAT" -Kario Key

"Drunk Diaries" -Kario Key

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