Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Thinking About Going Back To My X" -Marvel Gets Us A First Class Trailer

Lately it seems like Hollywood is trying hard to "MARVEL" us with quite a few big screen adaptations of our favorite iconic superhero figures. In the latest crop to pop up, Thor, Captain America, the formation of the original X-Men, and a revision of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman will be getting the silver screen treatment THIS YEAR alone! Out of all those mentioned I think the X-men film is what I'm looking forward (for lack of a better word) to seeing the most, but that's not saying too much. I rarely am impressed by most of these trending comic based movies (other than the Dark Knight) so my level of expectation is not so high when viewing the end result. I hate walking a theater with popcorn in one hand, fingers crossed on the other. LOL. Anyways here's some trailers you may or may not have seen already that I'm sure you see at least one. Also I posted some poster images relating to these films as well.

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