Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Gone Baby Gone!" -New Badu From Me To You

Ummm, did anybody hear about this? Was I under a rock for a week or so? Reason why I ask is cause ya girl Badu has something NEW out that I had to see this video 1st to even know about! If you have any knowledge of exactly WHERE is from, hip me to the game! But for now enjoy this as I have. I'm guessing this is the first single to a soon to be release album right?


Joann said...

Babe this is from her last LP about a year ago. New to the airwaves but not a new project.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Ah ha! Mystery solved! I didn't get the last album (Return to the Ankh) so that's why it's foreign to me. One point for the Joann!

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