Friday, October 30, 2009

"Here's A Treat For You Tricks!" -Monsters Ball Visual Walkthrough

Okay, it's become apparent to me that some of you (even Brooklynites) are confused on just WHERE and how to get over to the venue (which name is the same as the address) No.1 Front St. So I took the liberty of providing you with a VERY simple visual guide on where you need to go come Saturday. Cool? First off, the A train or C local to High St. is the closest station to the party. Front cars if you're coming from Brooklyn, and back of course if you're arriving from the city. When you break ground you SHOULD see this hot dog vendor dude, DON'T walk in his direction! Walk going the opposite way, behind the train station and you're half way there.

The block you should (and will I hope) be on is Cadmen Plaza, you'll know for sure if you see the Brooklyn Bridge in front of you and you've pass Henry St. Walk a few (like maybe 2-3) blocks more and you'll see an all-white stand alone corner building across the street from you.

If you see a line in front of the building picture below then you're a freakin' genius! Cause my friend you've not only followed instructions well but you've made it safely to the MONSTER BALL! I just pray you came early, RSVP'd, and is dressed according to our guidelines we told you about. If so then you're "good money" Now enjoy "the show", it will be like no other Halloween event you've EVER attended!

"MONSTERS BALL" -Brooklyn Most Fashionable Halloween Event
No. #1 Front St. -near Old Fulton & Water St. in Dumbo
Music by DJ Goldfinger, DJ Trauma,
the Ahficionados, & BKC's DJ Kohei
Dress in costumed or all black fashionable attire a must!
FREE admission w/rsvp
$$$ at door w/out costume or proper attire.

Drink specials 10-11pm
Kitchen open till 12am


Anonymous said...

What a dope party!

Anonymous said...

The party was nice. I used to think you were so fly but I think you are kind of a snob.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

So sorry to disappoint you. However I am at WORK, which hosting an event off 2,000 plus people I have a ton of things to tend to, to maintain order so that you CAN leave comments like "The party was nice..." Didn't know WHAT your hopes of me was to be that night but understand the circumstances. Ciao'

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