Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Scratching Fleas!" Hitting Up the Bklyn Flea Market & the Future Perfect

With nothing but free time on my hands, and the fact that I'm doing major renovations around the crib. You can often find me slumming around either Williamsburg or the Brooklyn Flea on the weekends looking for visual gold to add to the decor of my humble home. Now I'm not looking for something in particular, but I'll know "it" when I see "it!" It's one of those instinctual things you can just feel. Now one of my FAVORITE spot too stop & (sometimes shop) into is the Future Perfect on N.6th & Berry. Very artistic yet functional things they sell yet sorta expensive. I've bought a couple of those "colorful neon light-saber type tubes" you see in the first pic. They REALLY brighten up a room boy! In a good way though. I also got my eye on getting this "surveillance camera thingy" too. Don't bother to ask why, I just dig it for some odd reason man. I seriously thought it was the stores ACTUAL camera till I joked around and asked the price and the cashier had a price on it. Definitely fooled me. Anyways on to the flea market back on my side of town, where it's been getting better vendor wise over there as of recent. Here's a few items that caught my eye. Take a look see.

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