Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Kings RULE!" -County Of Kings Review

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to go see this play Spike Lee's producing call "County of Kings?" Well let me start from the top. About two weeks ago I get a e-mail from someone stating how they would like and appreciate it if I was able to post info informing folks about the play. And being that my blog is SO pro-Brooklyn that it would be in my best interest being that the plays' story line is based FROM (Sunset Park) Brooklyn. And they were right. After some back and forth correspondence, I naturally asked "Well is it possible to SEE the play? There's a guest list/will call right?" Just like that he was able to set up a time & day that I would be able to attend a show. Okay, so the day comes, it's an 8 o'clock show on a Saturday, and I'm there at the box office 7:45 sharp and...NO NAME! "WHAT?!? You gotta be kidding me?" I said, in my mind of course. What made things worst was I couldn't remember the name of the person whom originally contacted me and placed me on the list (or apparently didn't). Sucks. Finally after throwing some names around "Cultural Projects" rung a bell and the "lost" tix were uncovered and in we go. The theater (located in the city on Lafayette next to Joe's Pub) was a comfortable size for what I didn't realize was a one man play. The set up inside reminded me of a live TV set. Not a lot of rows, but wide. My luck, I wound up seated next to some dude that may have been a benched Knicks player or Chewbacca's stunt double! Yes, he was just THAT tall! Who keep crossing his legs the whole time, which crossed MINE! And his shoes reached all the way in the next TWO rows in front of us. Good thing he wasn't in the first row, he would've been tripping the actor on stage. LOL. But enough about him, on to the show. Not to spoil it for you but, after a brief warm up set of old school Hip-Hop over the PA, Lemon (the only actor) bust onto the scene through a side door as his intro. Had I not noticed everyone else remain calm and in their seats, I would've swore it was a fire alarm going on! Lemon wastes no time "going in" with what turns out to be a long form sing songy poem about his childhood to manhood struggles of growing up among troubled parents. What was fasinating for me to watch was his dedication to memory of both his lines AND his detailed account of his upbringing. Each character is portrayed with humorous accuracy and affection. True New Yorkers will appreciate his story to glory as well as casual theater goers that have even a keen sense of humor. When your mother names you Lemon make lemonade!

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