Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"I Did Time Up North...Waaay Up!" - Sometimes You Need To One Yourself

Did I ever tell you about the time I did up north? No, it's NOT what you've come to think about the black man (no NOT jail). It's a bit of a different story, mind if I tell it? Well this past week I get a urgent tele from my sensei about (in old Asian voice) "I see frightening times ahead for you!" I'm thinking like "Duh! Halloween IS coming up." He goes on to say "You need to take a soul stroll, get in touch with your spirit animal. To live and fight another day you must sometimes retreat..." And blah blah blah. So I plan this "retreat" trip to Lake Jerry (ummm Springer, or Lewis to sure of the full name), Which is an adventure in itself to get to. You have to take a plane to a bus, and ride donkey the rest of the way up a trail...Wheew! The "religious cult"...sorry group of individuals were basically all there for the same reason, some time-share lottery scam! Nah, just kidding, it was folks looking to "de-urbanize" themselves for a weekend. Me, it was a lil' of that, and alot of wanting to test out the most "awesomest of cameras" I just bought for myself (the Canon sx200) in a different environment. I keep to myself most of the trip, and made sure to decline when they past the "Kool-Aid cup" around to me. BTW, I went damn near 3,000 miles to discover my "spirit animal" was a damn PIGEON!?! I could've found that out back in the city! Well here's the pics i managed to bring back to show you. If you ever decide to go on one, bring your own Kool-Aid. LOL!

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