Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The Beetle Juice (Crew)" -Monster's Ball Returns to Brooklyn Ya'll, Don't Be Scar'd!

Yeah I know I'm a lil' early on this one, but I NEED you to save the date...
Sat. Oct. 31st
! For an event that I'am 100% guaranteeing you WILL NOT wanna miss. Basically all the powers that be, that influence Brooklyn, have united to present this year's most anticipated Halloween ball out! Allow me to name names if you will...Okay there's Harriet's Alter Ego, the Brooklyn Circus, Alador & Smith, the Stylistics Agency, the Minority Report, the Ahficionados, plus the Breakfast Club. So you KNOW the place will be packed with the best looking (& dressed) people NYC has to offer. It will be a FREE event however here's the catch to that. You GOTTA either be in costume OR dressed to the nines (preferably in something black.). If not, THEN and only then will you be charged for entree...bottom line, period. The venue is a three level, newly renovated space in Brooklyn Heights that's looking SWEET now! Gotta B'day you wanna celebrate there too? Plan it with us now ( and let's get it in! The more the ummm Spookier boo!

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