Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Streets Are Talking!" -Corner Store Chatter

Even though I reside in Bed -Stuy I kinda live in a bubble, being that I only go from my destination and back to the crib when I go out. It's NOWHERE near as bad as it used to be but still, I'm not trying to start hanging out on the corner just to stay hip! LOL! However when I make that trip to the corner store I tend to pick up MORE than just groceries coming back! It seems a hear new "street jargon" all the time that strikes my curiosity. Well here's a few I picked that I care to share with you, if it's okay by you that is? Fine? Okay grab a pen;

A "No-Brainer" isn't what it USED to be! Now it's considered a date without oral sex. Or can be a mate that doesn't give "brain" basically! Wild huh?

Next up we have "Swaggravation" or "Swaggravting" which is someone who's "swagger" or lack of aggravates other people. IE this sentence, "Son sware he's SO fresh, DAMN he's swaggra-vating!"

Cool, third is "Mac & Cheese", which is more associated with a move or action. Meaning after you get a person of interests name & phone number, you turn to your friends smiling about it. You "mack" the person then "cheese" meaning smile about it ear to ear. I'm guessing that lasts till you find out it's a fake number. LOL!

Heard of "Running with the bull"? Well there's that event that takes place in Madrid, Spain. True, but this one means when you tell a "bulls#@t" lie and keep "running" with it. Try it in a sentence like "She told me it's my baby for the FIVE months she got preg, but son, first off it DON'T look nothing like me! She stay running with the bull!"

Here's two that I'm sure you'll get a kick from "Twigger" & "Twitches" The first is a person on Twitter that stay updating you ignorant "tweets" daily! So I'm guessing "Twitches" is the female equivalent to that! LMAO

Well that about wraps things up for now, but TRUST ME, I can get plenty mo' just take a trip to the corner store.

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FLY LADY DI said...

hahahaaaa i love these. up here in toronto we have mad jamaican slang, but it never evolves. haha in brooklyn it's ever changing. thanks, Al, now i feel up-to-date LOL!!!!

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