Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Back To The Drawing Board...Ummm Desk!" -Not Ebay, Mbay! Everything Must GO!!!

I have this high end, modern designed, computer desk that I purchased from Jensen & Lewis a while ago that I have absolutely no use for any more.It has wheels, frosted glass and a pull out drawer to boot. I decided to part with it for the cool price of $120 bucks or (best offer). I need to make space for another DVD rack for my ever growing porno collection (lol). If interested hit me and come scoop it up w/cash in hand & ready to move it. I'll even help you move it...by opening the doors and saying "Careful, it's glass coming through!" okay. No seriously, I'll even thrown in a chair with it too, no lie. theMreport@gmail.com

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