Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Rockin' That Thang" -Pictures From "Rock The Block BK" That's Long Overdue!

WAAAAY overdue, I FINALLY got the chance to go through and edit the tons of pics I took at "Rock the Block BK" this year! I'm shocked that I got THIS many simply cause I was SO busy running around trying to maintain some order out this bitch (lol)! I remember this day having every emotion you can think of running through me. But I managed to remain calm at all times. I'm a professional. Anyway, I found it fitting that my 1000th posting(!) to the Minority Report (go head,it's ok to clap) be an event close to my heart (and arts). I tried my best to capture what I could be hey, I can't be EVERYWHERE at once can I? Honestly I was waiting on the video link to post all at once so you can blame some of the lateness on Soul Purpose Media like I did. Rock on!

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