Friday, October 2, 2009

"F**k Bueller, I Need A Day Off Too!" -Leaning To Rediscover NYC For A Day

Feeling overworked and stressed out (at least that's what I told my job) I felt the NEED to do some exploring 'round this Gotham city of ours to re-familiarize myself with what this town has to offer. Adding to the fact that Summer was packing it's bags to bounce AND I had just treated myself to a NEW camera (Canon sx200) for my B'day, I thought to myself "What better time than now, right self?" After a quick morning stretch (to grab the remote lol) I headed out to feed my face with a NICE hearty cheeseburger deluxe at a local eatery and was revitalized and "ready to go right now!" like John Legend & Andre' 3000 to hit the streets. First stop...the Central Park Zoo. What? You got a problem with that? I hadn't been in YEARS (!), so what the hay! Why not hmmm? Now the Cntrl Pk Zoo was alright, but NOT what I was hoping for. Yeah you can get pretty close to the animals, but WHAT animals! No tiger, lions, gorillas, oh my! You'd find more animals in a box of animal crackers then in this joint! Whizzy wack! Then they had the nerve to have a Hobbit tree and that damn creepy spider (Shelob from "Lord of the Rings") in the KIDS zoo! Huh? And wait...a RABBIT? You serious!?! May as well throw some gerbils up in that piece too man! Best thing in there was those two old musicians jamming, and that was FREE! WARNING: Ladies don't go get your hair did, and walk up in the rain forest room, thinking you coming back out looking fly. HELL NAH! As the Jamaican say "Perm dun off!" Smelling type funky! I'm done. Took the Water Taxi ($5 down by South St. Ferry) back to BK, and hopped the turnstile (joking) to take the F train to Coney Island. Which is where the NY Aquarium is located at. Now that's ANOTHER spot I haven't been out to since a damn grade school class trip! Tix were $13 & $17 per person. If I'm paying $17 It better come with some damn swimming trunks, cause ya boy is getting in that bitch! SPLASH! Man, it was type muggy in that joint! And packed surprisingly too! It took me a minute to get my camera settings just right, then it was ON. Let me tell you my friend, THAT was better than the zoo if you ask me (wait...are you asking me?). WAY much more stuff to "ohhh & ahhh" at. However at one point, my camera died on me. So luckily I find an outlet to charge the battery back up, thinking "I paid for this, I'm bringing SOMETHING back home with me!" Walked away thinking it was well hidden, only to be "Jack Spade'd" by someone with octopus hands! I was pissed off and puffed up like one of those fish, till I remembered I had a double back at the crib. Yet I was pissed! Regardless of that, I would love to come back again really soon, to set up a sting to catch that MF' a fish net at that (just joking). It was a cool day off spent, but a felt kinda guilty craving catfish & grits when I left. Nah, maybe some grilled salmon & calamarie at SEA! Next trip is the REAL zoo in the Bronx! No offense to the Bronx. LOL.

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blackgirlnamedbecky said...

Perfection, a blogger after my adventurous NYC heart (I'm not scared of lion and tigers either, lol). And yes, the Central Park zoo is so sagging, always the BX. Nice post!

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