Monday, October 5, 2009

"King In A County Of Kings" -Lee Presses On With An Off B'way Play

Not one to rest on his laurels, Spike Lee's latest endeavour is this off-Broadway play he's now producing  with Culture Project 
"County of Kings".  
The show is set in Sunset Park, during the most influential cultural movement of our time. The birth of hip-hop; taking the audience back to the days of B-boys, tracksuits, Adidasand Boogie Down Productions
Written and performed by the lead actor (Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican poet) Lemon Andersen, gives a tough, yet moving biographical account of a good kid growing up in an unforgiving environment.  Expect drama and occasional humor with a mix of urban poetry, to bring this coming-of-age story to life. The show will begin its run at the Public Theater on October 12th, with previews starting September 29th.  ALL tickets for preview performances are $25!

For all other performances (not including opening night), a limited number of tickets will be sold for $25, cash only, at the box office.


"County of Kings" plays Tuesday through Sunday at The Public Theater’s Newman Stage, 425 Lafayette Street. For a full schedule, please visit

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Also check out the upcoming documentary film about Lemon and his work at

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"