Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Tuft(ed) Love" - Hot Wing Chairs!

Ever since I saw the Matrix, and peeped Morpheus chillaxin' in one of these, I've been on the hunt to find one of my own so I can start offering my own choices of red or blue pills. However in my case The "red one" would be the morning-after pill, and the "blue one" would be a Viagra! Lol! Anyway long story short, If you do come across one of these in your travels, holla at me theMreport
. My budget is round $200-$225 tops. You are aware it's a recession right? I may thrown in a lil' sumthin' your way for helping me. I ain't saying that it's money but, it'll still be a lil' sumthin'. FYI I'm leaning more towards a deep red one, like in the movie, but hey I ain't picky man.

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