Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"That Brooklyn Bull$#it, We On It!" -Learn Brooklyn For Dummies

Forgive me, at times at the events that we throw I get caught up in the synergy of the crowd and my "Brooklyn bougie-
starts to show! I forget that folks from other regions may not feel the same love (just yet) that born Brooklynites take for granted. That's often a description (or mistaken) as what people are now calling "swagger!" Some are luck enough to be born with it, others gain it over time. But boy once you GET IT, you LIVE IT! Folks can smell it coming out ya pores, a block away. B.I.G. had "it", Jay-Z's a poster child for "it", the world loves "it." So to bring cats up to speed, so they won't feel so alienated at any function. And for those that need to brush up on their "Brooklyness", here a quick "Cliff note" song list of tunes I put together to help you. Trust me, you DO NOT wanna stand out at a Brooklyn party my friend. Learn the lyrics to some of these tunes, your life may depend on it. LOL. Brooklyn...We go HARD!

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