Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Long Live The KING, The KING Is Dead!" -King Mag Dies at 51

I'm not sure you've caught wind of the bad news, but the mighty KING magazine's LAST issue is currently on the stands as I write this (tears streaming down my face) to you. This is to me one of the biggest loses felt in the publishing industry in a string of magazines folding. Why do I say this? Just think about, KING was the tamed down choice of flesh periodicals for men 18-32. A "health" alternative to hard core porn rags. With KING not around, the youth of today will now have to turn to the triple x stuff to pleasure themselves! Also the writing and editorial work went unmatched. Now where will aspiring female rappers, young (& old) actresses looking to rejuvenate their career, and video vixens on the come up turn to to get that much need "exposure" (pun intended)? Awww, buddy! It's a dark day in America when our young brothers (and some sisters, if you're into that) have but few choices of places to turn to (outside of rap videos, strip clubs & the Internet) to oggle the ethnic female body. Rest in peace KING. You will forever live on, underneath the mattress of my mind! Lol!

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