Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Stay Up!" -Kanye Stops To Smell The (Amber) Roses

Have you guys peep this flick of Kanye with his new arm candy Amber Rose? At first I thought it was an ad for Viagra, or the cover for a remake of that 80's song "We don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time!" by (I think his name was) Jermaine Stewart right? Well whatever, the picture is kinda hot! But I've seen the concept done before...BETTER. Peep Melo-X's last project, or Netic from Game Rebellion's Facebook profile pics, way hotter if you ask me! I honestly forgot exactly just WHAT this picture is advertising. Maybe abstinence? Or maybe it's a middle finger to his ex-girl on some "See, she gives brain and you never did." Who knows, but kudos to 'Ye man. Stay up bro!

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Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

I heard she dissed kanye recently and is back in Philly ( that was as of last week ) things change I guess.


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