Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Are You On The List?" Two Black Carpet B'day Bashes TONIGHT!

Okay, Because I like you (no homo) I'm a put you on 2 HOT events going on tonight, that I'm sure folks 'round the cooler will be chatting about the next day (if you're in the industry that is)! the first one is for a "well known HARLEM celeb" (hint) girlfriend's B'day. Over at the Ultra lounge , that seems to be the new HOT spot these days. Fellas you GOTTA look right if you're even THINKING about attending this function! ALOT of women folk are coming out for this one. Then over at the other most talked about venue in town, Santos Party House, Ms. Va$htie former Pharrell arm charm is doing her joint tonight as well. There IS a list for both, GET ON 'EM! Send names to
theMreport@gmail.com to be listed for the 1st one NOW!

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