Monday, April 6, 2009

"Why Did The (Obama Fried) Chicken Cross The Road?" -Restaurant In Deep Fried Contorversy

Have you been following all the news coverage about this fast food spot (there are actual 3 spots) that are using the "Obama" name to sell their deep fried dishes? Why all the fuss? Obama's a black man (if you hadn't noticed), and black men and fried chicken don't mix. For YEARS folks got away with using the "Kennedy" name to hawk their fried foods. And if you ask me all "Crown" is is just code word for "King" in Martin Luther! Am I buggin' out? Just think about that one. Well anyways, to fan the flames down, our great Prez. (straight from his flight from London) went to the source in Brooklyn, to see why folks feathers are all ruffled up. Figuring "If my name is gonna be on something, I may as well like it right?" Not one to miss out on a meal, Sharpton joined him for the "taste test." The results? The Prez. came out all smiles and said "I'd give it a thumbs up, but I'm to busy lickin'em!" So relax folks, don't go burning down the "fried chicken coop" in protest. It's all (finger lickin') good in the hood!

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