Monday, April 6, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.139)

Now WHO doesn't LOVE a good party huh? Every month when Target's first Saturdays came around at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, I used to get texts galore inquiring "What's poppin' after this?" or the other question "What you f@#kin' with tonight from here?" So duh, it just made completely perfect sense that the powers that be come together to create an event following, that folks could continue the good times at. So with one simple phone call (and a lot of behind closed door hustling) another BK "star" was born! One month later, we returned to the "scene of the crime", Autour Du Monde', where we "KILLED IT" last first Saturday to gather folks again! And boy did they gather! Starting at 11pm it was filled by half by 11:45! And with the train system running the way it has been on the weekend, WHO was leaving Brooklyn when the good times were right here? Usual suspects Butch Diva, Coup D'Etat BK, Gina (of Tamboril), photog Michael July, and other BK dignitaries showed face to usher in "The Bridge Is Over" movement. Not a member yet? Sign up on Facebook here NOW!


Conner said...

Slammin good time

trueposit said... time, I'm there!

Looks like fun, fun, fun!

grahamatical said...


"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"