Monday, April 20, 2009

"Get A Hall Pass!" -Lyshaan Hall's 3 DAY B'day

You know Mr. Lyshaan Hall right? International jet setting tax man, slash accountant to the stars...
Yeah that one! Well fresh from his trip to Paris, he made it back just in time to celebrate his B'day in NYC. Lucky you right? Cause if can remember back to last year's B'day function he had it was "chain less" IE "off the chain!" (Click link for reference here) This year to make it fair to folks, he's decided to do 3 (count 'em 1,2,3) styles of events, to switch things up. "Semi, Ultra, and Uber Sexy" are the settings just in that order, of how he's making things this time around. Can't make it out to one? Then there are TWO more to choose from. Let's get it in people!

Wed. April 22nd
After work party @ Ultra Lounge 7pm-12am

Friday April 24th
"the Homecoming" -Salute to fashion party @ Tamboril 10pm-4am

Thurs. April 30th
"Changing of the Guards" -BKC book release @
Deity 9pm-2am

3 the HARD way!

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