Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Change Clothes & Go!" -the BKC Says "Get Yo' Guard Up!"

Boom! It's ALMOST here folks! What has been months (some would say years) in the making will be ready for the world to view next Thurs. April 3oth. Brooklyn style ambassadors
, the Brooklyn Circus, The Minority Report, Gabe SF, the Ahficionados, Private Stock, DJ Spinna and Lyshaan Hall would like for you to join us to celebrate the release of the BKC's 128 page visually inspirational book "Changing of the Guards" A must-add to your growing library for fashion savvy people.

Thurs. April 30th
"The Bridge Is Over!"
group campaign continues with...

the BKC presents
"Changing of the Guards" -
Fashion / Book Release Party
Deity -
368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond St.
Hosted by Ouigi "the Bearded Man", the Minority Report,
Private Stock
, and SF Gabe
Music by DJ Spinna, Dj Frei (Ahficionados),
and the Fuzz Band
(live music)
Strictest of dress codes; Ladies cocktail wear,
and Gentleman dress like Gentleman
Entry at door man's discretion
B'day celebrations for Lyshaan Hall & Japan's own DJ Kohey

Rsvp TODAY...Like NOW!,

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