Friday, April 24, 2009

Do Remember: "I'm Coming Home!"

If you haven't read the other 3 posts I put up today, then what you may not know already is there's this "GINORMOUS" party going on later TONIGHT celebrating at least 4 B'days (that I personally know of, may end up being more) at "the Homecoming" fashion event.These two pictured are two of Brooklyn's most fashionably conscious folks I KNOW! So it's not so strange that their B'days would fall the same weekend. Besides the birthdays, there's also a (don't be sad) going back to Sweden party for Filson Ali inside of this one. But wait there's MORE! DJ (mutherfunkin') Goldfinger will be blessing us with a rare return to Brooklyn to spin all the favorites! I'm not even asking if you're coming any more! You'll probably be there before I do!

Fri. April 24th
the Breakfast Club presents
"the Homecoming"-Celebrating Personal Style & Fashion
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand St.
Music by the Ahficionados along w/ special guest DJ Goldfinger
Dress to impress (others and yourself) be very style conscience!
Drink specials all night
Ladies FREE, Guys $5 w/ female guest, $10 w/out
powered by Uptown Magazine
hosted by the Minority Report

Here the anthem for tonight! Run to the bar and get a shot of Patron when this comes on...Seriously!

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grahamatical said...

conscious NOT conscience, dudes!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"